Improved familiar plants often host skepticism

Stacey Hirvela

“The idea of demanding that companies like Apple or Sony justify the release of new versions of their products is laughable”, states Stacey Hirvela in the American trade magazine Greenhouse Grower. “In other industries, constant innovation is expected; new products are not just encouraged but breathlessly awaited. In the nursery industry, however, improved varieties of familiar plants are often met with skepticism and reluctance, if not outright disdain.”
According to author who is marketing specialist for Spring Meadow Nurseries and Proven Winners’ ColorChoice Shrubs, the best of today’s breeding aims to meet the needs of the grower, the garden center and the end consumer, combining ease of production and excellent container presentation with enough interesting features and aesthetic qualities to appeal to even the most casual home gardener. “More importantly, it does so by continually improving on plants that are already well-known, widely grown and much loved”, she tells in Greenhouse Grower.