Hulthemia hybrids enriches rose assortment

Rosa 'meipouzmoi' Eyeconic - photo: Meilland International

Rosa ‘meipouzmoi’ Eyeconic – photo: Meilland International

Last year French rose breeder Meilland International launched together with German nursery BKN Strobel Rosa ‘Meipouzmoi’, tradename Eyeconic. It is a single-flowered (10 to 12 petals) climber, which blooms in spring and reblooms in autumn. The gold yellow flower has a red blotch. Meiland and BKN bring Eyeconic onto the market with the slogan ‘Let’s get Tropical’. “This year it will bloom in garden centers all over Europe and Russia for an exotic spring”, foresees Matthias Meilland. This climber should be great in pots and containers on terraces and balconies.
Hulthemia Holy Grail
Rosa ‘Meipouzmoi’ derives from a crossing with Hulthemia (Rosa persica) roses. Meilland has been hybridizing Hulthemias for several years now. The same goes for Californian (US) based Jim Sproul. He has been crossing Hulthemia roses for years with other rose species. One of the characteristics of Hulthemias is the distinctive flower with a darker coloured central zone. “When breeding for Hulthemia hybrids, it is this blotch that is the focus of one’s attention”, states Jim Spoul in his article ‘The Hulthemia Holy Grail – Blotch Heat Stability’ on his blog. ”Seedlings lacking blotches or those having smaller or fainter blotches are quickly looked over when a bolder, larger blotch catches the eye. Selecting for those seedlings only, that have the eye popping blotch, results in very few seedlings that remain after the initial culling process is complete.”
Jim Sprouls Eyeconic range includes now:
o Lemonade var. Sprolem
o Pink Lemonade var. Sprolempink
o Lychee Lemonade var. Sprolych
o Pomegranate Lemonade var. Spropom
o Melon Lemonade var. Spromel
These Eyeconic varieties are introduced on the US market by Conard Pyle/Star Roses and Plants. As Meilland International and Conrad Pyle are partners, Sprouls Hulthemia hybrids also will be brought onto the European market. At the moment they are under evaluation by Meilland International and it’s European partners. “For us is it a logic move to market both our own Hulthemia hybrids as well as Sprouls varieties under the registered name Eyeconic”, explains Matthias Meilland.
Eyeconic - photo: Meilland International

Eyeconic – photo: Meilland International