Hibiscus ‘Terrace Plant of the Year 2016’

Hibsiscus HibisQs - photo: Graff Breeding

Hibsiscus HibisQs – photo: Graff Breeding

Dutch flower auction FloraHolland announced Hibiscus ‘Terrace Plant of the Year 2016’. The jury which selected it, said, “It is not right that hibiscus is such a relatively unknown terrace plant. The beautiful and exotic flowers in a wide range of colurs make the plant an eyecatcher on every terrace. The hibiscus is an ideal plant for beginners and produces a summery feeling straight away. It is great as a container plant, but is also suitable as a perennial shrub in the garden.” The hibiscus is the successor to the Passion flower (2015) and Lantana (2014).
A breakthrough for Hibiscus for outdoor use
For breeders and growers of Hibiscus this is great news, confirms Poul Graff from Danish company Graff Breeding which has been promoting Hibiscus as a Terrace and Patio plant for a long time. “The fact that Hibiscus has been elected as Terrace plant of the Year 2016, could really be a breakthrough for the plant in the gardens north of the Alps and in the UK. He emphasizes that Hibiscus has fantastic habits and that it flowers from June until frost with its eye catching and exotic flowers.
On its consumer orientated website nursery Graff Kristensen states that Hibiscus also is suitable as an annual bedding plant. Graff brings it varieties onto the market under the HibisQs umbrella brand.