Hardened tissue culture ferns on agar

Fern propagator Vitro Plus in Burgh-Haamstede, Netherlands has developed a new method to harden off  Tissue Culture Ferns on agar media, in the laboratory. Six years ago already the idea came up to increase the CO2 level in the ViTray during the whole growth period in a sterile way. By using the laser perforated 7-row ViFoil developed by Vitro Plus this dream came true. The LED technology that was accomplished the last 3 years together with the companies Philips and ViVi was an important step forward. From now on our customers will receive Ferns grown through this new method they will get an even stronger and perfect rooted Tissue Culture Fern. The technology is approved for the ViTray 126 for tropical Ferns and the ViTray 48 for tropical and perennial ferns. The technology is patented and available under license for other tissue culture labs, besides for ferns of course.

Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Nevada’