Happy New Year

newPlantsandFlowers wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year. 2015 has been successful for this site as more than 156,000 visitors paid a visit and viewed almost 310,000 pages. Even more important is the percentage of ‘returning visitors’. In 2015 23.5% of the visitors belong to that category, meaning that 36,000 people come again and again. As newPlantsandFlowers presents day by day true trade information the group of returning readers obviously includes predominately professionals. Since February 2012 over 2,200 news items are published on newPlantsandFlowers.
Visitors come from all over the world. First of all from the United States. In 2015 more than 36,200 visitors from this country paid a visit to the site. Applying the earlier mentioned 23.5% the number of ‘returning visitors’ may be estimated from 8,500.
The Top-10 is as follows
• United States
• United Kingdom
• France
• Germany
• Netherlands
• Canada
• Italy
• Poland
• Australia
• Spain
Not really important and just for the record is the number of countries. However, newPlantsandFlowers-readers can be found in 185 countries.