Growing Tips: Dianthus Pink Kisses

Pink Kisses Basket - photo: selecta one

Pink Kisses Basket – photo: selecta one

The varieties team of Greenhouse Grower invited Kyle Peterson of Fessler Nursery to share his Growing Tips for Dianthus Pink Kisses with the readers of this US trade magazine. Pink Kisses is bred by German breeder selecta one [read more] and is described as a new type of pot carnation that is easy to cultivate in any given container size. “It especially works well for 1-pint and 1-quart pot production. With loads of long-lasting blooms and a hint of fragrance, Pink Kisses makes a great gift plant and is perfect for placing on a sunny windowsill.”
Peterson, Production Manager at Fessler Nursery, grew Dianthus Pink Kisses on a trial basis. Read all his tips here.