Green wall with low-water-use varieties

Watersaver Ling Wall - photo: PlantHaven International

Watersaver Ling Wall – photo: PlantHaven International

“Our Watersaver Living Wall was a huge success at the last month held California Spring Trials 2017”, says US based royalty management agency PlantHaven International in its latest newsletter and describes the wall as a symphony of cool tones with emphasis on blue. Saliva, Brachyscome and Istoma were three of the cool blue highlights.
‘Innovative vertical gardening system’
Recently PlantHaven partnered with Greenwall Solutions from Australia to showcase their Skale System in the US. Skale is according to Greenwall Solutions a new and innovative vertical gardening system. “Its unique fish skale pattern of planting pods is just the start of the innovation in both form and function”, explains the Australian developer.
Heat tolerant, drought tolerant once established
The plants featured in the Watersaver Living Wall are from areas with low summer rain and derive from PlantHaven’s Watersaver Collection. All varieties in this collection are according to PlantHaven heat tolerant, drought tolerant once established and hardy to USDA zones 6-9. “These vigorous, easy care selections are also deer and gopher resistant.” The collection includes both annuals and perennials.
Australian varieties
For the Watersaver Living Wall the agency used among other varieties Brachyscome ‘MM001’ Mauve Delight, bred by Kimberley K. Smith from Australia, Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’, bred by David Glenn from Australia, Isotoma Fizz N Pop ‘Glowing Violet’ also from Australia, Salvia x guaranitica Bodacious ‘Rhythm & Blues’ by specialist salvia breeder Kermit Carter from California (US) and Viola Magnifi Scent ‘Sweetheart’ bred in the United Kingdom.