‘Good cultivars are lifeblood for industry’

'Little Goldstar' is one of the five best-selling rudbeckias in the US

‘Little Goldstar’ is one of the five best-selling rudbeckias in the US

“When discussing perennials, the topic that always comes up is: What’s new?”, says Allan Armitage in the US trade magazine Greenhouse Grower. Armitage is a professor in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia in the US and also publicist in this trade magazine.”There is no doubt that the newest of the new is a talking point and, certainly, having the newest variety provides distance between companies vying for the same dollar. I don’t think anyone would dispute that new is necessary. After all, nobody asks, What’s old? But what they should be asking is What would you recommend? He conducted for Greenhouse Grower his own survey on the best-selling perennials at retail. He asked about fourteen different genera.
His list attests to the longevity of good cultivars. “As well as the fact that many of the older ones are well into production, cost is less and growers know what they are dealing with. Armitage tends to say that not new cultivars are the lifeblood of the industry, but good cultivars.