Gold for 100% recycled paper packaging

EcoExpert pot - photo: Modiform

EcoExpert pot – photo: Modiform

EcoExpert, a range of packaging produced from 100% recycled paper won the Gold Medal in the Category Distribution/Floristry of the Innovert competition of the French trade fair Salon du Végétal 2018 which will be held this week (June 19-21). Eco-Expert is brought onto the market by Modiform, a Dutch based developer and producer of growing, transport, and packaging systems for the horticultural sector and beyond. “EcoExpert shipping trays can be used to transport plants from the producer to the customer, before being easily recycled by the distributor, along with all other cardboard waste. As for consumers, they can place pots in the cardboard recycling bin or the composter or they can even plant them in the garden. Roots will grow through them and the pots will gradually break down in the soil over a period of about four months. EcoExpert is completely water-resistant, making it easy to manage within the supply chain”, explains Modiform.

Pilot at Tesco supermarkets

EcoExpert was in the news earlier this month as Tesco supermarkets in the UK started a pilot with this range of pots and trays made from moulded paper, making a 100% plastic free plant offering possible. “The plastic Point of Sale is changed to card and even the plastic cable ties were swapped for biodegradable hessian string.” According to Modiform Tesco have calculated that this trial (48,000 pots and 8,000 trays) has saved them from handling 1 tonne of plastic waste.

EcoExpert trays - photo: Modiform

EcoExpert trays – photo: Modiform