Glowing Echeveria in the dark

Glowing Star in the Dark - photo: Amigo Plant

Dutch succulent grower Amigo Plant showed at the last week held FloraHolland Trade Fair the Glowing Star in the Dark concept in a kind of black box. The company is specialist when it comes to market Echeveria and other succulents with added value, such as Echeverias with red, silver and white leaves for Christmas. On the trade show Amigo Plant presented Echeveria, treated with a special substance which let the plants after being exposed to light, glow in the dark for about four hours.
The nursery dedicates a special website and a facebook page to the Glowing Star in the Dark concept, both in Dutch.
Although the substance is free available, Amigo Plant got the way they treat the plants, patented worldwide.

Glowing Star in the Dark trade fair presentation - photo: newPlantsandFlowers