Flamingo Holland shows new Callas and Lilys at California Trials

Rose Lily Felicia

This year, Flamingo Holland will display at the California Spring Trials March 24-29 a wide assortment of Calla varieties from three different breeders, each propagated through tissue culture, so plants have stronger stems, vibrant colours and a longer shelf life.
The Orientals display will be larger this year compared to the past. A few new pot Oriental varieties will be added. Flamingo Holland will have the double oriental Rose lily on display that was first introduced last year. Rose lily is an exclusive line of double flowering Orientals. The first varieties are sold in the market but the second generation is on its way including shorter pot types and newer, exciting colours.
On the Pot Asiatics, Flamingo Holland presents new, improved varieties that will give growers other options besides Lily Looks.
Last but not least, the genetic short pot Freesia from our Flamingo Holland’s own breeding facility will be a new introduction this year. The breeder has three varieties to show.