Explosive orange bougainvillea

Bougainvillea x 'Flame' - photo: Etablissement Horticole du Cannebeth

The name Bougainvillea in combination with ‘Flame’ pops regularly up on the internet. However, one of the novelties in the Novelty Showcase of the past month held German trade fair IPM 2013 was Bougainvillea hyb. ‘Flame’. This variety was submitted by Italian nursery Altiflor Societa Agricola Semplice. The orange variety is also one of the 25 nominees of the Innovert competition of the upcoming French trade show Salon du Végétal (February 19-21). The Innovert description of Bougainvillea x ‘Flame’ is as follows: “Variety of Bougainvillea characterized by bracts of light orange colour (explosive and single), a semi-crawling habit (compact and bushy) and with a remarkable floriferousness. To be considered for new uses of this species in suspensions or flower boxes for balconies and terraces. The remarkable performance of the coloured bracts which last for several weeks is a valuable asset to the marketing for both the store and for the end user.”
‘Flame’ will be presented on the Salon du Végétal by Etablissement Horticole du Cannebeth.

'Flame' - photo: Etablissement Horticole du Cannebeth