Dutch manifesto against decreasing cut flower assortment

Photo: FloraHolland

The Dutch cut flower assortment is becoming poorer at a great pace because ‘lesser’ exclusive varieties are in danger of being cast aside in favour of products in the bulk section. Together, representatives of all links in the chain would like to put a stop to that development. In their manifesto ‘Stop de verschraling’ (Stop the decrease) they appeal to cooperating breeders, growers, wholesalers, florists and all other parties in the chain to give some thought to preserving the entire assortment and to restore any damage that has been done already. The initiators fear that the loss of ‘appetizing products’ from the package will undermine Holland’s position on the world market.
They establish that innovation is chiefly limited to major crops like roses and chrysanthemums. They also state that the names of and information on new varieties hardly reach florists, let alone consumers. They particularly aim to improve the communication regarding niche products. In this regard, they are thinking primarily of spreading more knowledge about these in the chain and of creating demand for ‘specials’ from consumers, using media aimed at the general public.
The initiators also think that the flower auction should play a vital part in the battle against the decrease in supply of typically Dutch products such as lilacs. “However, not just the auction,” says summer flower specialist Aad Vernooy, who works for LTO Groeiservice on a project base. “Wholesalers, exporters, breeders and florists also play an essential role. The total assortment should reach the consumer. Perhaps niche products require a different marketing method, other than selling via the auction clock. Together with the chain, we will have to find out more.” Any costs involved in different marketing would have to be paid by the chain, which would result in more realistic pricing, the group thinks. “Currently, in terms of percentage, sales costs at the flower auction are higher for small products as compared to bulk flowers,” states Jan de Boer, Managing Director at Barendsen.
The Dutch language manifesto can be found on the LTO Groeiservice and VGB websites. LTO Groeiservice is the largest independent network organization of future oriented entrepreneurs in the Dutch greenhouse industry. VGB is the Association of Wholesale Trade in Horticultural Products in the Netherlands.
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