Dutch Dahlia specialists join forces for first trade event

Holland DahliaFollowing the successful Dutch Lily Days which were held this year for the 7th time, the Dutch Dahlia sector is now organizing its first Holland Dahlia Event. It will be held from Thursday to Saturday, August 24 – 26. The initiative is the brainchild of The Holland Dahlia Event Foundation, which has managed to gather 48 companies working with dahlias, varying from tuber exporters and growers to flower growers and service providers. Most of the companies are accessible over these three days to interested trade visitors.
Growing popularity around the world
Dahlias are among the oldest commercial flowering tubers in Netherlands. The flower has been experiencing a rebirth in the past few years. This revived interest stimulated the breeding companies to invest in the creation of dahlias with new colours and shapes, longer vase life and more applications. As a result, there has been a large expansion of the assortment in a short time. Much of the interest has according to the organizing comity come from abroad as the popularity of dahlias is growing around the world.
Peek behind the scenes
With this first Holland Dahlia Event the instigators want to promote dahlias. Tuber exporters and growers and flower growers have joined forces to create the eponymous foundation. In August, when dahlias are in bloom, the companies are giving visitors from far and wide a peek behind the scenes. The displays will also include packaging materials, product lines and the other links in the chain.
Showcase for entire dahlia sector
‘The initial intention of the Holland Dahlia Event was to be a display case for the entire dahlia sector in Netherlands and to put this country on the map as a dahlia growing country,’ explained René Schrama, chairman of the foundation organizing the event in a press release. ‘And it is naturally quite a bonus that our initiative is also promoting dahlias.’
Multilingual website
The Holland Dahlia Event coincides with the Dutch trade fair for hardy nursery stock Plantarium 2017, giving foreign visitors the possibility to combine a visit to both events. The names of the participating companies and the opening hours are published on the multilingual Holland Dahlia Event website (in Dutch, English, French and German).