Dümmen Orange steps into Calla breeding market

California Callas Strawberry Blush, a 2016-2017 introduction of GSBG - photo: California Golden State Bulb Growers

California Callas Strawberry Blush, a 2016-2017 introduction of GSBG – photo: California Golden State Bulb Growers

Dümmen Orange expands its position in bulb and tuber breeding by entering the Calla market. The company acquired three Calla breeders: two in Netherlands and one in California (US). Acquiring G. Geerlings & Zonen and Sande Breeding enables Dümmen Orange to offer a broad portfolio of Calla varieties to new and existing customers, strengthen its retail relationships and deepen its R&D investments in bulbs and tubers. In California Golden State Bulb Growers’ (GSBG) seeds stocks and breeding pipeline of Callafornia Calla are bought with the aim to offer an even broader portfolio of Calla varieties to new and existing customers.
Global leader in Calla breeding
The new, combined Calla business creates according to Dümmen Organge a global leader in Calla breeding: Geerlings’ experience in cultivation and processing of different kinds of Calla tubers, combined with the established portfolio of products from GSBG and Sande, and the leading breeding programs from Sande and GSBG.
Bolster innovations
“In combination with Dümmen Orange’s global sales reach and modern breeding capabilities, this will result in a superior offering to customers worldwide and bolster innovations, especially in the introduction of disease resistance and yield traits. This step into Calla breeding is a clear demonstration of Dümmen Orange’s commitment to become a leader in bulb and tuber breeding that started in 2016 with the acquisition of Hobaho”, states the company
Production Callafornia Calla started in Netherlands
GSBG in California will continue its business until September 2018 to assure delivery of orders to its customers. Production of Callafornia Calla has started in the Netherlands, with the first supply expected by the end of 2018. As of that moment, Dümmen Orange will take over the supply to GSBG customers.
Netherlands undisputed Calla center
Dümmen Organge also says that this step underpins the company’s firm belief in the importance of scale. “A broad portfolio is the strategic response to the trend of consolidation amongst growers, driven by the growing influence of retail markets. In taking these steps, Dümmen Orange makes Netherlands the undisputed center of Calla breeding in the world.”
This addition also means a broader range of cut flowers and pot plants in the assortment of Dümmen Orange. In addition to Calla, Dümmen Orange also brings the other bulb and tuber crops from GSBG into its portfolio including Zantedeschia aethiopica, Scilla peruviana, Scented Begonia and Eucomis hybrids.