Doubts about the Echinacea bubble

“Where are we on the Echinacea bubble”, asks Paul Westervelt on the Fresh Forum of the US trade magazine Greenhouse Grower. Westervelt continues with questions like: Are new cultivars getting better or just more numerous? Are home gardeners successfully growing any of the hot colors and if not, how long will they keep trying? “I’ve traveled a fair amount this year and spoken with a lot of growers and we all seem to be struggling with Echinacea to some degree. So, what’s the future of Echinacea?”
His questions raise a lot of comments. At random some of the answers:
o There is no question that the lack of hybrid Echinacea persistence in the garden has frustrated consumers.
o Yes, there are too many new selections.
o Too many bad introductions will make consumers hate echinacea and then the trend will surely die.
o Let’s not hope that breeding companies have put a damper on that adoration for Echinacea because of successive failures.
o As a grower, we have definitely seen some of the ‘junky’ varieties as spoken of in this discussion.