Disporum with arching stems and variegated foliage

Disporum cantoniense 'Moonlight' - photo: Van Vliet New Plants

Disporum cantoniense ‘Moonlight’ – photo: Van Vliet New Plants

Disporum cantoniense ‘Moonlight’ is described as a perennial with a compact growing shape and unique silvery white and green variegated leaves that change colour in autumn to pinkish purple hues. In the spring, the plant grows elegantly arching stems, followed by clusters of small flowers from late spring into summer. During heavy frost, the plant disappears into the ground but it will produce new shoots in spring. Some protection must be provided at temperatures below -15 °C.
‘Moonlight’ is one of the novelties that are entered into the new plants competition of Dutch trade fair for hardy nursery stock Plantarium 2017 (August 23-26). Royalty agency Van Vliet New Plants administrates the Plant Breeders Rights and submitted the new variety to Plantarium 2017. In Europe Dutch nursery Jochems van Opstal Boomkwekerij brings the plant onto the market.
Dutch origin
In the US Disporum cantoniense ‘Moonlight’ is already supplied by nurseries like Wayside Gardens, Broken Arrow Nursery and Monrovia. The latter nursery submitted ‘Moonlight’ to the New Varieties Showcase of the Farwest Show 2015 in Portland, Oregon (US). [read more]
In spite of the earlier debut in the US derives ‘Moonlight’ from Netherlands. Dutch grower Reinier van Elderen discovered the new cultivar in a container at his nursery in summer of 2007. ‘Moonlight’ originated as a naturally occurring branch mutation of not patented Disporum cantoniense ‘Aureovariegata’. It is characterized by its arching stems and its “variegated foliage that is green with silvery white variegation palmately radiating from the base of the leaf blade with the white variegation area becoming heavily suffused with a purple-pink coloration in fall when temperatures cool.”
'Moonlight' leaf - photo: Van Vliet New Plants

‘Moonlight’ leaf – photo: Van Vliet New Plants