Complete Checklist for Summer-Flowering Phlox Cultivars

Summer Flowering Phlox - photo: DGG

Summer Flowering Phlox – photo: DGG

Ines Hübner and Elena Murashko (Germany) have written ‘Summer-Flowering Phlox Cultivars – Complete Checklist’. For this purpose, Phlox-literature was intensively evaluated, as well as current and historical catalogues, and breeder’s notes. The names of the varieties were clearly clarified. Wrong names and/or spellings were eliminated. The list contains more than 1500 cultivars, with Phlox paniculata being by far the largest of the five groups. In total 1439 cultivars of Phlox paniculata were distinguished. The checklist includes an outline of the breeding history, short biographies of important breeders as well as a list of literature. In particular, the Cyrillic transcriptions of varieties underscore the importance of the breeding work of hybridizers in the former Soviet Union or today’s Russia.
‘Summer-Flowering Phlox Cultivars – Complete Checklist’ is published by the German Horticultural Society (DGG – Deutschen Gartenbau-Gesellschaft 1822). It costs €25 + postage. Orders can be sent to Gisela Blatter from DGG (