Clematis ’Blue Ribbons’ with three times bigger flowers

Clematis ´Blue Ribbons´ - Photo: Jelitto

German perennial breeder Jelitto introduces for 2012 Clematis integrifolia ´Blue Ribbons´. This variety is according to the breeder an improved, low-growing seed strain with an abundance of 4.5 cm (1.75″) flowers that are up to three times bigger than typical forms. Jelitto’s ’Blue Ribbons’ remains upright to 40 cm (16″). Jelitto assures that the new variety does not sprawl like others, though light staking or support of other perennials is still helpful where heavy summer rains or high winds prevail. The nodding, indigo blue flowers, shaped like little parasols, flower from May through August and are followed by decorative silvery seed heads into early winter. ’Blue Ribbons’ grows wider and more beautiful every year, and is a wonderful new selection of a long-lived species that deserves wider use.