Chili Pepper with ornamental appeal

Chili Pepper 'Cayennetta' F1 - Photo: Floranova

One of the highlights Floranova is going to show at the Flowertrials (June 12-15) in The Netherlands will be Chilli Pepper F1 ‘Cayennetta’. Vegetalis, a separate corporate entity of the UK Floranova group, developed this pepper for the ornamental sector. ‘Cayennetta’ is marketed under the Patio Edibles brand. Patio Edibles varieties are the ultimate in versatile plants, as the company states. They are selected for their ornamental appeal, but are as productive as they are good looking.
Chili Pepper ‘Cayennetta’ F1 was last year already announced as a 2012 Vegetable Award Winner of All-America Selections (AAS). The AAS describes ‘Cayennetta’ as an excellent tasting mildly spicy pepper that is very easy to grow, even for novice gardeners. “This 3 to 4-inch chili pepper yielded bigger fruits from a very well branched upright plant that required no staking which would make it perfect for a container or patio planter. Unique to this variety is that it has good cold tolerance as well as dense foliage cover to protect the fruits from sun scorch and it handled extreme heat very well. This pepper is an all-around good choice no matter where you’re gardening. Market growers will benefit from the heavy yield and prolific fruit set from each plant. Everyone will love the excellent pepper flavor that outshone all the comparison varieties.”