Cherry tomato ‘Jasper’ new 2013 AAS winner

Lycopersicon ‘Jasper’ F1 cherry tomato - photo: All-America Selections

Cherry tomato ‘Jasper’ F1 is one of the three vegetables which are announced by the All-America Selections (AAS) as new 2013 winners. ‘Jasper’, bred by Johnny’s Selected Seeds has according to the AAS judges an excellent taste, a long harvest window and outstanding performance. They liked the texture and sweetness of the tomato as well as the uniformity of the fruits that grow on vigorous, healthy plants. “‘Jasper’ is a high yielding variety with fruits that stay on the vine then hold well after ripening both on the vine and post-harvest. Vigorous vines require little or no fertilization. An added bonus is high disease resistance to Late Blight, Fusarium races 1, 2 and Early Blight plus the ability to overcome weather-related stresses.”