Certificate safeguards quality propagation material of herbs

Vita Certa logo“There is a growing demand for edible herbs”, also notes Dutch breeder and young plants producer Florensis. In the March 2017 newsletter Florensis announced that the company has obtained the MPS-Fruit & Vegetables Vita Certa label for the propagation material of herbs. Florensis responds to the increasing demand for herbs by offering a large range of propagation material to growers. By obtaining the MPS-Fruit & Vegetables certificate, Florensis safeguards the quality of the propagation material of herbs as to legally admitted crop protection agents. The label MPS-Fruit & Vegetables Vita Certa consists of a Reliability Index, daily registration of crop protection agents in MPS-ABC and inspection of this registration through independent sample-takings. Moreover, the GlobalG.A.P. certificate was required and obtained by Florensis.
MPS-Fruit & Vegetables is considered as a perfect tool to optimize traceability, while the independent sample-takings give insight into crop protection agents that have been found on the plants.