Drought tolerance gets an issue for nurserymen

“Nurseries look for plants to cope with dry conditions as they assess the future impact on sales’, states Jonathan Tilley in Ornamental News, the email bulletin from the English trade … [Read more...]

New Rhododendron goes for XXL

XXL Rhododendron - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

XXL is the name of a new Rhododendron which last month, was presented as a finished product by the Belgium Rhododendron and Azalea specialist ID’Flor from Lochristi presented on the … [Read more...]

Check out newer varieties, bred to be more drought tolerant

Flower Carpet Amber - Photo: Monrovia

“Check out newer varieties, many of which have been bred to be more drought tolerant, like Flower Carpet Roses are beautiful and, once established, require much less water than other roses”, … [Read more...]

Four new Encore Azaleas

Autumn Sunburst - Photo: Encoire Azaleas

This fall and spring 2013 four new azaleas in the Encore series from Plant Development Services (US) will be available. Autumn Sunburst is described a bright highlight in the garden, growing … [Read more...]

Farwest Show focuses in 2012 on Acer genus

The Farwest Show, one of the largest horticulture trade shows in the US, devotes a lot floor space to the New Varieties Showcase. This year, there will be 42 plant novelties in the showcase, … [Read more...]

Spoilt for choice by new Cercis varieties

Cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' - Photo: Concept Plants

"There are several new, exciting varieties to add to the still reliable Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (AGM) and 'Avondale'” states Stephanie Dunn James, assistant managing director of … [Read more...]

Thousands of new plants in new Plant Finder

RHS Plant Finder 2012

Among the plants listed in the latest edition of the UK Royal Horticultural Society's annual publication, RHS Plant Finder 2012-2103, 3,380 are new. This amount equates to about 5 per cent … [Read more...]

No dieback for new double blue Clematis

Clematis 'Shikoo' - Photo: Thorncroft Clematis

“A clematis that’s said to resist wilting and dieback”, is told about the new variety ‘Shikoo’ of Thorncroft Clematis from Norwich, UK. ‘Shikoo’ is a double blue Clematis with flowers … [Read more...]

New sollution for vertical gardening

Easy Plant Pillar vertical gardening 2012 groen

At Easy Plant Pillar from Molenhoek, Netherlands they try to see gardening in a different perspective. According to Wim Janssen of this company there is a growing interest for convenience … [Read more...]

Westringia Grey Box brings contrast

Westringia Grey Box - Photo: Ozbreed

Ozbreeds Westringia Grey Box is similar to the new Aussie Box, but with great grey foliage colour contrast and white flowers instead of mauve. It is a much more compact form than Aussie Box … [Read more...]