New techniques in Anthurium and Phalaenopsis breeding

Heleen Bastiaanssen - photo: Anthura

In Anthura Unlimited, the first digital magazine of Dutch Anthurium and Phalaenopsis breeder Anthura Breeding Manager Heleen Bastiaanssen (51) explains how the focus of the company is … [Read more...]

SOGO (Taiwan) joins Dümmen Orange

image: SOGO Orchids

Taiwanese phalaenopsis breeder SOGA Orchids has joined Dutch based multinational Dümmen Orange. With this step, SOGO provides Dümmen Orange with a unique entry into the orchid product group, … [Read more...]

Another consolation in Hydrangea breeding

Peter Kolster and Kees Eveleens (Horteve) - photo: Kolster

A month ago the Dutch based Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) announced the acquirement of an interest in the hydrangea breeding program of Kühne Gbr in Germany [read more]. Now Dutch … [Read more...]

Research ‘Emotions and Flowers’ starts with Begonia

Begonia Evi Bright Pink - photo: Beekenkamp Plants

“Growers are looking for new ways to add value to their products. More fundamental knowledge on the perception of emotions evoked by flowers can help to understand how to produce products … [Read more...]

‘Innovative techniques for tissue culture’


The revamped website of plant tissue culture specialist Microflor, based in Lochristi, Belgium, will boost the company’s image as a technological innovator, says CEO Febe Floré in a press … [Read more...]

Innovert 2017 new plants competition in France: 29 entries

Hydrangea serrata x macrophylla ‘Coumont’ So Long, one of the almost 30 nominees for the Innovert 2017 Gold Medal – photo: Pépinières Renault

For the Innovert competition of trade fair Salon du Végétal 2017 which will be held next week (June 20-22) in Nantes, France 29 new varieties are entered (Category A). In Category B - … [Read more...]

Dutch and German hydrangea breeders to intensify collaboration

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Saxdifioros’ Diva Fiore – photo: Kühne Jungpflanzen Claus & Torsten Kühne

The Dutch based Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) has acquired an interest in the breeding program of another member in its sector: Kühne Gbr in Germany. This was announced on 15 June … [Read more...]

‘Busy first Orchid Inspiration Days event’

Orchid Inspiration Days 2017 – photo: Pull Position

The 13 Dutch orchid specialists participating in the first Orchid Inspiration Days event were after the event according to marketing agency Pull Postion ‘more than satisfied’. “The special … [Read more...]

Dümmen Orange steps into Calla breeding market

California Callas Strawberry Blush, a 2016-2017 introduction of GSBG - photo: California Golden State Bulb Growers

Dümmen Orange expands its position in bulb and tuber breeding by entering the Calla market. The company acquired three Calla breeders: two in Netherlands and one in California (US). … [Read more...]

Dümmen Orange acquires Saintpaulia and Euphorbia milii breeder

Euphorbia milii Pink Cadillac - photo: De Eeuwige Lente

June is for Dümmen Orange Shopping Month. This multinational with headquarters in Netherlands acquired a few days ago De Eeuwige Lente, a Dutch based pot plant breeder and young plant … [Read more...]