More orchids receive Award of Garden Merit

“More tropical orchids have received the Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society because of a change in the committee's focus”, reports Nicki Woodcock from UK trade magazine … [Read more...]

Kalanchoe genetics from three breeders in one mix

Kalanchoe Special Mix - photo: SV.CO

Dutch grower SV.CO started with the supply of the so-called Special Mix with five double-flowered kalanchoes in 23 cm pots. This mix includes pink/white, orange/pink, lemon, apricot and … [Read more...]

Four Japanese awards for Danish mini roses

Rosa Infinity - photo: Roses Forever

“Our new Infinity series of mini roses from Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund has been awarded four awards at the recently held Flower and Garden Show in Japan”, reports Roses Forever. The … [Read more...]

Sun yellow Promenaea

Promenaea 'Sunlight' - photo: SOGO

New for the Danish pot plant industry is Promenaea 'Sunlight'. Danish marketing organization Floradania highlights this new product from SOGO Team in its latest newsletter. Sogo Team in … [Read more...]

Callas that have never been displayed before

Calla collection – photo: United Calla

For the first time, Flamingo Holland is displaying at the California Springs Trials a large selection of Callas from United Calla and the Star Line. “You will see unique colors and genetics … [Read more...]

Follow-up of campanula market introduction

Spring Bell Blue – photo: Syngenta Flowers

Last year Syngenta Flowers dedicated on the spring edition of the FloraHolland Trade Fair (Netherlands) a stand to Campanula Spring Bell. This year the market introduction of Campanula … [Read more...]

New dark blue Campanula portenschlagiana

Campanula portenschlagiana Deep Blue Ocean – photo: Gartneriet Thoruplund

Danish based Gartneriet Thoruplund brings Campanula portenschlagiana Deep Blue Ocean onto the market. It is a new dark blue variety, which has according to the nursery undergone extensive … [Read more...]

Another chance for Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai – photo: Dirk Mermans

Strelitzia nicolai as a pot plant has been on the market before. However, due to overproduction in the past growers lost interest for this crop. Dutch young plant producer Aardam and Belgian … [Read more...]

Japanese double-flowered cyclamen debuts in Europe

Double-flowered cyclamen - photo: Schoneveld Breeding

Japanese breeder Yoshihiro Kanazawa of Yamatsuri Nursery has bred a double-flowered cyclamen. For Europe, Dutch based cyclamen specialist Schoneveld Breeding has acquired the exclusive … [Read more...]

newPlantsandFlowers’ second anniversary

newPlantsandFlowers' first page in 2012

In our February update we want to go two years back in the history. On February 24, 2012 the first news on newPlantsand-Flowers was published. Since then more than 1 530 news posts have … [Read more...]