Demand for Artemisia arbotanum from day one high

Artemisia arbotanum – photo: Hishtil

“Grow some Artemisia arbotanum in your backyard, roof or terrace and you’ll have no need to buy caramel-colored drinks. Just pluck some leaves to flavor hot and cold beverages, and even … [Read more...]

Two CAST Sneak Peeks from UK origin

Nemesia Yellow Bicolor – photo: PlantHaven International

The two Sneak Peeks for the California Spring Trials (CAST April 1-6) that US based royalty management agency PlantHaven International presents, are both from British origin: Nemesia Yellow … [Read more...]

Penstemon Pentastic wins 2017 UK Grower Award

Penstemon Pentastic series – photo: Genesis Plant Marketing

Genesis Plant Marketing has secured the award for Best New Variety ‘Herbaceous Perennials’ for Penstemon Pentastic at the 2017 UK Grower Awards run by the horticulture industry’s national … [Read more...]

Groundcovering veronica

Veronica x ‘P018S' (Snowmass blue-eyed veronica) – photo: Plant Select

Veronica x ‘P018S' (Snowmass blue-eyed veronica) is one of the 2017 introductions from Plant Select, a nonprofit collaboration of Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens (US) and … [Read more...]

Collection of constantly blooming Lewisia´s

Lewisia 'Constant Comment' - photo: Terra Nova Nurseries

Terra Nova Nurseries from Canby, Oregon (US) reintroduces Lewisia 'Constant Comment'. “Back by popular demand”, explains the company in a press release. Together with the 2017 introductions … [Read more...]

Carex Evercolor Series in Japan

Carex oshimensis ‘Ficre’ Evercream - photo: Fitzgerald Nurseries

"The Carex Evercolor Series is a prominent feature in the new catalogue of Plant Network in Japan“, notes European royalty management agency Plantipp in its February newsletter. Plantipp … [Read more...]

‘Helleborus hybrids are a bit of a different animal to grow’

Helleborus Frostkiss Dorothy's Dawn bred by Rodney Davey – photo: Pacific Plug & Liner

Tuesday, March 7, the American trade magazine GrowerTalks will present the webinar ‘How to Grow Spring-Blooming Hellebores’. “Hellebores are beloved for their Christmas and mid-winter … [Read more...]

Terra Nova celebrates 25th anniversary in plant breeding

Terra Nova Nurseries Trial Garden and Offices - photo: Terra Nova Nurseries

This year, Terra Nova Nurseries in Canby, Oregon (US) celebrates its 25th anniversary in plant breeding. In 1992 Dan Heims entered a partnership with Ken Brown and founded the nursery. Along … [Read more...]

Plug & Play is PanAmericans answer on ‘ready to enjoy’ demand

Calibrachoa Paradise Island Fuseables - photo: PanAmerican Seed

“Today’s shopper is looking for attractive, easy and long lasting mixes, ‘ready to enjoy’ products. Our Plug & Play program is just what a grower needs to grow and sell combos with complete … [Read more...]

New armeria compared with dwarf alliums

Armeria Dreameria Sweet Dreams – photo± Darwin Perennials

Darwin Perennials will present at the California Spring Trials 2017 (Saturday, April 1 – Thursday, April 6) Armeria Dreameria Sweet Dreams and describes this variety as a unique perennial … [Read more...]