Tropical Africa is tremendous source of new ornamentals

Amateurs might be familiar with Impatiens niamniamensis (Parrot plant or Congo Cockatoo), but is certainly one of the 600 known and lesser-known ornamental plants from Tropical Africa and has greater potential than just the amateur market – Photo: Gaby Schmelzer

“Tropical Africa houses at least 600 known and lesser-known ornamental plants”, estimates Gaby Schmelzer from the Dutch non-profit organization PROTA (Plant Resources of Tropical Africa). … [Read more...]

‘Science is also beneficial for floriculture’

Prof. dr. Michel Haring - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

How to connect science to floricultural innovation? With this question prof. dr. Michel Haring of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, opened a breakfast meeting of the Dutch foundation … [Read more...]

Is decrease Dutch cut flower assortment really that bad?

The fact that the Dutch cut flower assortment is becoming poorer, is a hot item. In March the campaign ‘Stop the Decrease’ was launched. May 22 the so-called Cafe Greenport Aalsmeer will … [Read more...]

ProVar wants to attract breeders from abroad

John Hedger

“We are trying to attract more breeder members and get as much new material as we can into ProVaR”, tells John Hedger in an interview with Jonathan Tilley of the English trade magazine … [Read more...]

Dave Konsoer: ‘Time to talk with the consumers’

“Frankly, there are so many plants introduced each year. Go to the Pack Trials and you see probably a thousand new varieties each year. And it is common knowledge that the typical consumer … [Read more...]

Get trade to improve bonds between breeders and buyers

“We will have to strengthen the bonds between breeders and buyers by means of the trade. That might possibly lead to exclusive relationships that do not need the flower auction’s … [Read more...]

Dutch manifesto against decreasing cut flower assortment

Photo: FloraHolland

The Dutch cut flower assortment is becoming poorer at a great pace because ‘lesser’ exclusive varieties are in danger of being cast aside in favour of products in the bulk section. Together, … [Read more...]