You’ll never think of fruit the same way

This newPlantsandFlowers site does not include editorials (yet). Nevertheless I want to share my personal thoughts about the documentary The Fruit Hunters from Chinese/Canadian director Yung … [Read more...]

Doubts about the Echinacea bubble

Echinacea - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“Where are we on the Echinacea bubble”, asks Paul Westervelt on the Fresh Forum of the US trade magazine Greenhouse Grower. Westervelt continues with questions like: Are new cultivars … [Read more...]

Special focus on edibles

tomatoe - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“Over the past few years, we've seen the trend toward homegrown edibles rise among consumers. That trend only continues to grow, and growers are reacting. More and more growers are adding … [Read more...]

‘Growers are the eyes of the gardening public’

Verbena thumbnail

On the question “Is it more important for breeders to focus on traits that make production easier for growers or on traits that attract consumers”, answers Green Fuse Botanicals' Steve Jones … [Read more...]

One gene class causes widespread double flowered varieties

Rosa double flowered

Growers might be interested that scientists figured out what’s going on genetically in the process of double flowering, quotes Sandra Hines in a news post on the site of the University of … [Read more...]

Improved familiar plants often host skepticism

Stacey Hirvela

“The idea of demanding that companies like Apple or Sony justify the release of new versions of their products is laughable”, states Stacey Hirvela in the American trade magazine Greenhouse … [Read more...]

‘Assortment of lilies and tulips does not decrease’

Photo: Onings

FleuraMetz, a Dutch supplier of flowers to approximately 35,000 florists in Western-Europe and North-America, does not experience any decrease of the lily and tulip assortment. The leading … [Read more...]

‘Need for breeding fool-proof plants’

Cool Wave pansies of Ball with ‘proven performance over multiple years in trials’ fit to the consumers need for success – photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“Consumers don’t want to dig in the dirt, they want drama in the plants, they want ‘as close to silk as possible' and they want carefree containers”, states Anna Ball in an interview with … [Read more...]

Californian Showcase out of ideas?

Begonia Crackling Fire Pink - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“The California Spring Trials are running out of ideas to keep attracting the same visitors each year”, states Melhem Sawaya in the August issue of Greenhouse Canada. Visitors, who visit the … [Read more...]

‘Breeders do contribute to sustainable floriculture’

The recently in The Netherlands launched Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) is an international coalition of major players in the flower sector, civil society organizations and … [Read more...]