‘Almost all breeding companies mix in same bowl’


Polish horticultural journalist Alicja Cecot interviewed for the magazine Floraculture International Japanese breeder Ushio Sakazaki. He bred for Suntory Company among others the Surfinia, … [Read more...]

Why the industry is so obsessed with breeding new plants?

Geranium Rozanne - photo: Blooms of Bressingham

“Why the industry is so obsessed with breeding new plants”, asks Alistair Lorimer from Blooms of Bressingham in an interview with Guus Wijchman (newPlantsand- Flowers). “Before we move away … [Read more...]

‘Independent breeders remain critical part of our industry’

Matthias Redlefsen - photo: Benary

“Over the past six years, the number of seed breeding companies for the professional bedding plant market has undergone a substantial consolidation. Major players that had been institutions … [Read more...]

Ready market for early birds among new varieties

Graham Spencer - photo: Plants for Europe

“People are looking for things that flower early. There is not a great deal that's looking colourful early in the year. There's a ready market there and that's one area for breeders to look … [Read more...]

Market launch versus scientific publication

Professor Chien-Young Chu - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

Scientists need to publish their scientific studies in order to get higher up in the ranking of a university. However, scientists working at the Department of Horticulture of the National … [Read more...]

Helleborus is the next ‘biggie’

Helleborus thumbnail

“In my opinion, helleborus is the next echinacea, which in its turn was the next heuchera,” says Allan Armitage, professor emeritus at the University of Georgia (US) in an interview with … [Read more...]

Flower growers can tap into Buy Local movement

“There is room for everyone in the Buy Local food movement. Even flower growers can get in the act”, states Dave Harrison in his ‘From the Editor’ in the trade magazine Greenhouse Canada. He … [Read more...]

‘Good cultivars are lifeblood for industry’

'Little Goldstar' is one of the five best-selling rudbeckias in the US

“When discussing perennials, the topic that always comes up is: What’s new?”, says Allan Armitage in the US trade magazine Greenhouse Grower. Armitage is a professor in the Department of … [Read more...]

Perceived understanding of mixed containers

combos - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“What’s your definition of a good mixed container”, asks Melhem Sawaya from Focus Greenhouse Management in the December 2012 issue of trade magazine Greenhouse Canada. He summarizes some … [Read more...]

Petition against European patenting of plants and animals

The Dutch umbrella organisation for organic farming and food, Bionext considers patenting of life as unethical. In an online petition Bionext states that patenting gives companies the … [Read more...]