‘It all starts in the breeders’ minds’

Petunia grandiflora ‘KLEPH15313’ Nightsky Innovert Gold - photo: Selecta one

“Breeders are in charge. If they do the marketing right, they can really push something”, tells Claudia Groth, Master Gardener Program Instructor at the Oregon State University Extension … [Read more...]

‘Britain’s possible exit from European Union hits breeders’

“UK Horticulture is 'Stronger in Europe'. I have been very privileged to have worked in horticulture across Europe over the past 26 years. Horticulture is very much a European wide industry. … [Read more...]

Happy New Year

newPlantsandFlowers wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year. 2015 has been successful for this site as more than 156,000 visitors paid a visit and viewed almost 310,000 pages. Even more … [Read more...]

Wake-up call for UK breeding

After overseas bred plants took the top three slots in 2014 Chelsea Flower Show's Plant of the Year contest, Graham Spencer says in an interview with editor Matthew Appleby from Horticulture … [Read more...]

Breeding with less knowledge, but more ambition

"Of course it's all about money. Money for R & D. Because it is high tech”, says professor Richard Visser from Wageningen University when it comes to breeding. He is Chair & Head Plant … [Read more...]

‘Bring US Plant Patent in line with Plants Breeders’ Rights’

“On September 2011, President Barack Obama of the United States (US) signed into law the most comprehensive change to the US patent law in over 60 years, the America Invents Act (AIA). The … [Read more...]

‘Breeding of petunia and echinacea also next thirty years relevant’

Jian Ping Ren - photo: PanAmerican Seed kll

On the question What crops will be relevant and important over the next thirty years? from Greenhouse Grower’s editor Laura Drotleff mentions breeder Jian Ping Ren from PanAmerican Seed … [Read more...]

‘Unpaid hobby breeding’

Kelly D. Norris

“I feel there are two kinds of plant breeders entering the market today. There are those coming of out graduate school looking for jobs in the industry, which aren't plentiful. They end up … [Read more...]

‘Universities require funding to do groundwork in breeding’

Ockert Greyvenstein

“Technology developed and implemented by the major food crops is likely to be implemented in floriculture crops to help with breeding progress”, expects Ockert Greyvenstein, Ph.D. Candidate … [Read more...]

Netherlands is getting far behind

Prof. Richard Visser - photo: Wageningen UR / Guy Ackermans

“There might be fewer foreign breeding companies, but they are bigger than the companies in Netherlands.” Dutch professor Richard Visser states this in an article which is published in the … [Read more...]