Five Dutch chrysanthemum growers join forces


Five Dutch chrysanthemum growers join forces Five Dutch chrysanthemum growers, covering a total area of 190,000 m2 have joined forces in VannoVa, a partnership which produces and markets a … [Read more...]

Two new santinis available from this week


Dutch nursery Maatschap J.C.M. de Jong from Roelofsarendsveen started this week (week 16) with the supply of the white pompon santini Solange and the yellow/black daisy type santini Tedcha. … [Read more...]

First Captain Calla Days ever


This year, the Dutch Kapiteyn Group will organise the so-called Captain Calla Days for the first time. The days will be held from 21 May to 25 May in the entirely new test and breeding … [Read more...]

No darker blue Limonium than Navy Sun Birds

Limonium Navy Sun Birds - Photo: Royal Van Zanten

Navy Sun Birds is the new navy blue Limonium of Dutch breeder Royal Van Zanten, who claims that there is no darker blue variety available on the market. The position of the branches is … [Read more...]

First double flowering Alstroemeria ever

Alstroemeria X-plosion - Photo: Könst Alstroemeria

Dutch grower Alstro Easy from Poeldijk starts this week with the supply of Alstroemeria X-plosion. Breeder Könst Alstroemeria in Nieuwveen, Netherlands claims that this is the first double … [Read more...]

Breakthrough in Limonium breeding

Limonium Cloudy Blue - Photo: Royal Van Zanten

Limonium Cloudy Blue is for Dutch breeding company Royal Van Zanten a breakthrough. It is a unique interspecific hybrid variety of different Limonium species, making it entirely different … [Read more...]

New santini Sangi is available

Sangi - Photo: Dekker Chrysanten

In week 15 Dutch grower Chrywijk in Brakel starts to sell the new santini chrysanthemum Sangi on the auction FloraHolland. This spider type variety from breeder Dekker Chrysanten in … [Read more...]

Most promising OT-variety

Amarossi - Van den Bos Flowerbulbs

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs in Netherlands offers a new red OT variety, Amarossi. In the latest newsletter of this breeding company Amarossi is even called a most promising OT-variety. It holds … [Read more...]

Cut Hydrangea green right from the start

Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Summergreen - Photo: Kolster

Dutch grower Van Nobelen in Noordwijkerhout starts this week (week 13) with the sales of Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Summergreen. On the auction FloraHolland in Bleiswijk about 1.000 stems … [Read more...]

Sweet Williams with very long and heavy stems


Dutch grower H.M. Tesselaar in Heerhugowaard introduced a cut flower series of Dianthus barbatus on the New Products Plaza of FloraHolland Trade Fair 2012, March 14-16. Of this so-called … [Read more...]