Sweet spray chrysanthemum with pink-white flowers

Chrysanthemum Prada Sweet - photo: Fides

Dutch nursery Five-Star (J. Vollebregt) starts with the supply of a new spray chrysanthemum Prada Sweet from breeder Fides at the flower auction FloraHolland in Naaldwijk (Netherlands). … [Read more...]

New ‘grande dame’ among the disbudded chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Anabel - photo: Royal Van  Zanten

Dutch based chrysanthemum grower J. & A. Flowers started with the supply of the new disbudded white Anabel from Royal Van Zanten at the Dutch flower auction FloraHolland. The brothers Jan … [Read more...]

Green spray chrysanthemum with unique looks

Chrysanthemum Bomber Green - photo: Dekker Chrysanten

Dutch grower Helvoort Chrysanten started with the supply of spray Chrysanthemum Bomber Green, bred by Dekker Chrysanten. Buyers at the FloraHolland auctions in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk can … [Read more...]

Callas that have never been displayed before

Calla collection – photo: United Calla

For the first time, Flamingo Holland is displaying at the California Springs Trials a large selection of Callas from United Calla and the Star Line. “You will see unique colors and genetics … [Read more...]

Disbudded chrysanthemum with strong trade characteristics

Chrysanthemum (disbudded) Salma Cream - photo: Deliflor

The new disbudded chrysanthemum Salma Cream has been introduced to the Dutch FloraHollad auctions by Kwekerij Cornelis-Jan. According to breeder Deliflor this cut flower is extraordinary … [Read more...]

New white phlox as ideal bouquet filler

Phlox Whitecap - photo: Bartels Stek

Dvir Farm from Israel started with the supply of Phlox Whitecap at the FloraHolland flower auctions in Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg (Netherlands). Weekly approximately 15.000 stems will be … [Read more...]

newPlantsandFlowers’ second anniversary

newPlantsandFlowers' first page in 2012

In our February update we want to go two years back in the history. On February 24, 2012 the first news on newPlantsand-Flowers was published. Since then more than 1 530 news posts have … [Read more...]

A simple plastic ring prevents illegal propagation

Breeder Protector - photo: Lannes et Fils

In the category Non-Plant Product of the 2014 Innovert competition at the French trade fair Salon du Végétal (February 18-20) Breeder Protector won the Silver Medal. Breeder Protector stands … [Read more...]

First downy mildew high resistant helianthus variety introduced

Helianthus Sunrich Orange DMR F1 trial field - photo: Takii

After years of intensive traditional breeding, Takii Seed claims the development of resistance to Downy Mildew in cut-Helianthus. The company introduces Sunrich Orange DMR F1 which should be … [Read more...]

New bromeliad cut flower from New Zealand

Pitcairnia hitchcockiana 'Red Dragon' - photo: Plantipp

The bromeliad Pitcairnia hitchcockiana 'Red Dragon' is a new cut flower from New Zealand. It was submitted to the Novelty Showcase of the last week held international trade fair IPM 2014 … [Read more...]