New colour in Hibiscus with long lasting flowering


From May 2012 Juno, a new member to the HibisQs Longiflora series of Graff Breedings in Sabro, Denmark will be available. Juno has according to the breeder a unique quantity of rose-like … [Read more...]

Four new dahlias bloom early in season

Dahlia Bonita

Next month four new dahlias will be available from the Danish breeder Dalina Genetics in Odense. The four, Bonita, Castillo, Emilio and Zarco represent an addition to the Dahlia Maxi range … [Read more...]

Outdoor Gerbera gets own site

Gebera Durora

Dutch growers of the Durora Outdoor Group launched the consumer website, both in English, French, German and Dutch. This site is entirely dedicated to the … [Read more...]

Thousands of new plants in new Plant Finder

RHS Plant Finder 2012

Among the plants listed in the latest edition of the UK Royal Horticultural Society's annual publication, RHS Plant Finder 2012-2103, 3,380 are new. This amount equates to about 5 per cent … [Read more...]

Selecta Group premieres with Flower Trials in Germany

Dahlia Dalaya Shari

For the first time the German based Selecta Group has two FlowerTrials locations (June 12-15). Besides Selecta Holland with its long-established presentation at the floating greenhouse … [Read more...]

New plants to get acquainted with


“The season for planting out is just around the corner, and there are many interesting plants for consumers who are looking for new items to complement the well-known classics”, states … [Read more...]

New Pelargonium grandiflorum varieties with delicate colours

Pelargonium grandiflorum Candy Floss

Pelargonium grandiflorum Tip Top is a series of richly-blooming geraniums in many fine colours, and the result of extensive breeding efforts. With these words Floradania Marketing A/S, the … [Read more...]

Celosia Deep Purple in practical gift box

Celosia Deep Purple

By introducing Deep Purple, Dutch breeder Royal Van Zanten and its growers give a new dimension to the sales and perception of Celosia Dark Caracas, the plant that forms the basis for the … [Read more...]

Celosia strong under extreme circumstances

Celosia Nirwana - Photo: VKC

'Nirwana' with its intense deep flower colour which has proven to be a perfect outdoor performer, states breeding company Floritec in Woubrugge, Netherlands. It should be strong under … [Read more...]

Celosia pot plant with a twist

Celosia Twisted - Photo: VKC

At the Dutch nursery LV Plant in Monster the sales started of 'Twisted', a brand new crested Celosia introduction created by Floritec in Woubrugge, Netherlands. The breeder claims unique … [Read more...]