Californian Showcase out of ideas?

Begonia Crackling Fire Pink - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

“The California Spring Trials are running out of ideas to keep attracting the same visitors each year”, states Melhem Sawaya in the August issue of Greenhouse Canada. Visitors, who visit the trials for the first time or are going there every couple of years, will according to him still learn something new. “I would say that less than 15 per cent of visitors are growers.”
The California Showcase as he prefers to call the event, is geared to buyers and, more specifically, brokers or chain buyers. “Perhaps that is why the trial aspect has disappeared. It might also be that growers are not finding anything new, other than new colours and cultivars that have not yet been tested.” However, Sawaya selected almost thirty show stoppers for his review in Greenhouse Canada, among them Begonia Crackling Fire Pink of Suntory/Moerheim New Plant (photo).