Bulbs are newcomers in Year of the… program

Allium - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

Allium – photo: newPlantsandFlowers

The National Garden Bureau (NGB) in the US has announced the four plant classes that will be featured in the 2016 ‘Year of the…’ program. For annuals, 2016 will be the Year of the Begonia, for perennials the Year of the Delphinium and for vegetables/ edibles the Year of the Carrot. The NGB has expanded the ‘Year of the…’ program with bulbs. For this category 2016 will be the Year of the Allium.
A lot of new varieties to choose from
The NGB Board of Directors selects crops for this program that are easy to grow and genetically diverse with a lot of new varieties to choose from. Breeders, brokers, seed companies, growers and garden centers are urged to consider highlighting these flowers and plants when planning their marketing for the 2016 season as the publicity generated from this program is substantial.
Every perennial garden can benefit from Allium
The NGB aready started to put Allium into the limelight. Just a few days ago the bureau dedicated its newsletter ‘Great Garden Inspirations’ for consumers to Allium. The NGB states in the newsletter that “for many gardeners, one of the most confounding bloom time gaps is late spring, after the tulips have flowered and before the peonies are open. Sometimes that in between time can last several weeks, and it seems like a long time when you’re eager for flowers. Fortunately there’s an easy fix: ornamental alliums.”
Every perennial garden can according to the NGB benefit from these carefree bulbs. “Planting several different types, tall and short, early and late, will let you stretch the show for up to 6 weeks.”