Breeding with less knowledge, but more ambition

Prof. Richard Visser - photo: Wageningen UR / Guy Ackermans

Prof. Richard Visser – photo: Wageningen UR / Guy Ackermans

“Of course it’s all about money. Money for R & D. Because it is high tech”, says professor Richard Visser from Wageningen University when it comes to breeding. He is Chair & Head Plant Breeding at this university. Blooming Breeders quotes him in an invitation for a network meeting on June 3 in Netherlands. At this meeting Visser will reveal the chances of the Dutch ornamental breeding. In the invitation he states that if Dutch ornamental plant breeders mainly choose the safe way of product optimization (selecting within existing collections, more stems per m2, durability) instead of product innovation (variety of species, resistance to pests and diseases, alternative uses of uses of plant ingredients), they sooner or later will be overtaken by breeders with less knowledge, but with more ambition. “From abroad”, he adds to this statement. “Especially the development of genomic technology allows nowadays much faster and at lower costs breeding and selecting on specific features.”
Dutch based Blooming Breeders foundation includes ornamental plant breeders, wholesalers and exporters, and partners from science, education, industry associations and government.