Benary celebrates 175 years of breeding


Could you imagine riding your bike through Europe collecting seeds? This question is asked rhetorically by German breeder Benary in occasion of the company’s ‘175 years excellence in breeding’. The question refers to how Benary had to get back on track after World War II. After the family had lost all of their company and personal belongings Friedrich Benary decided to start from scratch in the western zone of divided Germany in 1946. He travelled through all of Europe with his bike to start his business in Hann. Münden, Lower Saxony, Germany.
However, the history of the company goes back to 1843 when Ernst – the founder of Benary – set the cornerstone in Erfurt (former East Germany). “He and the next three generations together with their employees delivered excellent seed quality to famous, historical fellows, only to mention a few of them: The Russian Emperor, Gregor Mendel; and even the Titanic had Benary seed on board”, memorizes the company in a press release.
Benary links its ‘175 years excellence in breeding’ also to the fact that the company has been the World Leading Begonia Specialist in all these years. “Renowned worldwide as a leader in Begonias, both tuberous and fibrous, Benary’s fine selected assortment includes some of the industry’s most sought-after varieties in Pansies & Violas, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, and Rudbeckia, just to name a few.”
Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD
Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD – photo: Benary

Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD – photo: Benary

‘175 years excellence in breeding’ is also a lead theme for Benary’s FlowerTrials 2018 participation. Its Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD will be one of the highlights. From this new series Rose Star was announced a 2019 Gold Medal Winner of Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plant industry. Fleuroselect wrote earlier this year: “Benary introduces the first genetically compact Grandiflora Petunia with a star pattern. Petunia x hybrida Succes! HD Rose Star shows a multitude of flowers with a unique colour pattern in this type of Petunia. Rose Star is a one-of-a-kind addition to any existing genetic compact Petunia growing scheme. Retail will love the idea of offering this popular star pattern now also in compact, big-flowered Petunia. The magnificent colour combination and plant vigour also in cooler climates will convince any consumer.”
Benary characterizes Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD in 7 extremely vivid colors as a genetically compact series for high-density production, very uniform flowering, large flowers.
Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star
Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star – photo: Benary

Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star – photo: Benary

Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star is another FlowerTrials 2018 highlight for Benary and will be presented as ‘A new Pop Star is born’. Key features are according to the breeder: best branching, most compact plant habit on the market, tight flowering window, fast and very easy to grow, great for in-ground beds; patio containers, use as indoor/outdoor product. The series includes 3 colours.
Helianthus annuus F1 Bert
Helianthus annuus F1 Bert - photo: Benary

Helianthus annuus F1 Bert – photo: Benary

Last but not least Benary puts its Helianthus annuus F1 Bert into the limelight as a the perfect gift plant that is a large flowered, pollenless F1 hybrid. Its flowers are bright yellow with chocolate center and the plant has lush green foliage. Benary refers to trials at State Horticulture College and Research Institute (LVG) in Heidelberg (Germany) where Bert was rated as one of the best pot varieties. Other features: reliable high germination rates, strong consumer appeal, compact habit and excellent for shipping.
Benary Pack Trials 2018
Benary also opens its doors during the Pack Trials in week 18 in Venhuizen, Netherlands, to give growers a look inside what’s new for this year and what will be potential novelties in the future. The three above mentioned novelties will be presented as well as BIG Begonia, Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus and Impatiens walleriana Lollipop