Beekenkamp Plants acquires Sunny Osteospermum breeding

One of the Osteospermum varieties from the Sunny breeding program: Classic Salmon Halo - photo: Sunny

One of the Osteospermum varieties from the Sunny breeding program: Classic Salmon Halo – photo: Sunny

Dutch-based breeder and young plant producer Beekenkamp Plants acquires the entire Sunny Osteospermum breeding programme from Sunny Grønnegyden in Denmark. Sunny Grønnegyden has been a successful breeder and market leader in Osteospermum since 1985.
Family-owned Beekenkamp Plants took already over all Sunny Holland sales activities in 2017 [read more]. The acquisition of Sunny Grønnegyden aligns well with the company’s ambitions.
The Sunny Osteospermum breeding activities will continue at Beekenkamp Plants in Netherlands, with the production of mother stock plants taking place at its facility in Ethiopia. Thanks to its working relationship with Gartneriet 3Kanten in Denmark, unrooted cutting production will continue as before in Vietnam. Gartneriet 3Kanten will also continue to partner with Beekenkamp Plants by selling cuttings and Sunny Osteospermum finished products in the Scandinavian market.
Sunny owners Niels Larsen and Bjarne Nyholm Larsen are happy with this agreement and say in a press release: “Through our collaboration with Beekenkamp Plants we have realised that Sunny Osteospermum is a great fit for the committed family business Beekenkamp Plants. We are confident that Beekenkamp Plants can successfully continue our breeding programme.“
Marc Driessen, director of Beekenkamp is satisfied that the close collaboration with Gartneriet 3Kanten will continue too, thus guaranteeing the reliable input of knowledge and continuity of sales in Scandinavia.“
Another Danish Osteospermum breeding program taken over
Osteospermum ecklonis Enrico - photo: Fleuroselect

Osteospermum ecklonis Enrico – photo: Fleuroselect

This year, at the beginning of March PanAmerican Seed, a division of Ball Horticultural Company, already announced it had purchased two product lines from Dalina Genetics, a plant-breeding company in Denmark. The purchase includes two popular series of Osteospermum as well as a range of well-known Dahlias. The acquired Osteospermum genetics are two series: one with single flowers as well as the PasoDoble double-flowered series. Their cold-tolerance and award-winning colors have risen in esteem in their retail markets, including Enrico, a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner (picture).
The Osteospermum products are licensed in Europe by Florensis and will be licensed in North America by Ball FloraPlant. “We are excited to continue supplying these well-liked products,” says “The genetics are in good hands, and we look forward to adding them to our breeding program to enhance the existing product lines”, says Mr. Jean-Francois Ignasse, European Sales Manager for PanAmerican Seed.