Award winning fresh flowers at Proflora 2017 Colombia

Alstroemeria Charmelia Pink - photo: Royal Van Zanten

Alstroemeria Charmelia Pink – photo: Royal Van Zanten

At the last week held Colombian trade fair for the fresh flower industry, Proflora 2017 Alstroemeria Charmelia was the grand recipient of two awards, reports Dutch based breeder Royal Van Zanten. Charmelia won 1st place for ´Best in Category´ and the highest award the ´Grand Champion´, over all other flowers in the competition. Israeli breeder Danziger showed at this exhibition among others its Scabiosa Scoop series. One of the varieties in the series Soft Scoop, a lavender cushion, won the 1st prize in the diversification segment
Alstroemeria with vaselife of 3 weeks
Flower varieties were judged based on their technical specs from longevity to colour. Charmelia charmed the jury with the following qualities: long-lasting vase life (up to 3 weeks), crown shape design, multiple blooms per stem (20+), long leaves that do not drop and colour changing blooms.
Charmelia is bred by Dutch based Royal Van Zanten and submitted to the novelty competition by Jardines de los Andes. This Colombian nursery distributes Charmelia for retail channels and Miraflor and Gardens America for the wholesale market. Juan Camilo Herrera, Marketing Director in Colombia says in a press release: “It has been a joint effort between breeder, grower, marketers and retailers to get where Charmelia is today. We hope to see Charmelia grow in the industry and in the hearts of consumers.”
“Everything about Charmelia speaks elegance”, breeder Royal Van Zanten in the same press release. “Its flowers are bright pink and white, with a touch of green. The further Charmelia blooms, the pinker she will become.”
Charmelia includes now three colours
Alstroemeria Charmelia Blush - photo: Royal Van Zanten

Alstroemeria Charmelia Blush – photo: Royal Van Zanten

Actually, Jardines de los Andes entered Charmelia Pink into the novelty competition at Proflora 2017. The brand name stands now for three varieties in this series: Pink, White and Blush. Blush is the latest addition and introduced to the European market last month. It was exclusively introduced in week 39 by Dutch wholesalers/exporters OZ Export and Hamifleurs. The introduction in Europe is a partnership between Dutch based cut flower grower Together2Grow and breeder Royal van Zanten. The special website about Charmelia provides more detailed information. See also the Timelapse Charmelia video in the right sidebar at the CUT FLOWERS page of newPlantsandFlowers.
Together2Grow won already the Glazen Tulp 2015 with the first Charmelia. At that time the jury referred to a completely new type of Alstroemeria with strong stems and many smaller flowers. The Glazen Tulp is recently renamed as the Royal FloraHolland Dutch Tulip Award.
Diversification becoming more important
Scabiosa Scoop at Proflora 2017 - photo: Danziger

Scabiosa Scoop at Proflora 2017 – photo: Danziger

Israeli breeder Danziger states in the context of Proflora 2017 that diversification is to become more important. As one of the high focus series, the breeder mentions the Scoop collection including 17 varieties; a collection that is “outstanding for its large heads, unique texture and wide colour collection. We feel the market’s tendency towards ‘cushion’ style, with many petals and fluffy texture. Our vegetative breed of the Scabiosa, enabled us to bring a game-changing series with the crop, offering a creative and unordinary new flower, to fit this tendency”, informs Danziger in a press release.
Bouquets with new and best sellers varieties
This year, Danziger chose to display its large assortment in a new way. Split into concepts by windows, a wide portfolio of Gypsophylla, mums and fillers was exhibited, allowing visitors to find the best solution for their own needs. The 4th window was to show options of real-life uses, bouquets and arrangements with the new and best sellers varieties.
“We feel this need increasing from all parts of the value chain – from growers, through wholesalers and florists. All are much more open to expanding their assortment, offering a wider assortment for their customers”, says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO in the same press release.