‘Assortment of lilies and tulips does not decrease’

Photo: Onings

FleuraMetz, a Dutch supplier of flowers to approximately 35,000 florists in Western-Europe and North-America, does not experience any decrease of the lily and tulip assortment. The leading Dutch trade magazine for flower bulbs, Bloembollenvisie quotes two spokesmen of FleuraMetz. Last week, Stendert Zuurbier and Danny van Bergen Hainaut told at a joint meeting, organized by the Royal General Bulb Growers’ Association and CNB that this Dutch exporter sold in 2011 and 2012 about 340 different lily varieties. In 2012 the company sold in comparison with 2011 more than 90 new varieties. Eleven varieties determined half of the sales volume.
In 2012 FleuraMetz distributed 728 tulip varieties against 695 in 2011.