‘Almost all breeding companies mix in same bowl’

SurfinaPolish horticultural journalist Alicja Cecot interviewed for the magazine Floraculture International Japanese breeder Ushio Sakazaki. He bred for Suntory Company among others the Surfinia, Tapien, Temari and Million Bells series. In 1988 he begun to cooperate with US based Proven Winners. On the question What is the key success in breeding? he answered that almost all breeding companies ‘mix in the same bowl’. “Meanwhile my strategy is to search for wild species that can bring a new gene pool to the ones already circulating in the commercial circuit”, he told to Alicja Cecot. She asked him also how much the breeding work is compatible with the needs of growers. He considered that a difficult question as the expectations from America and Europe are different. “In Europe, the main focus is on growers’ demands and less on consumers’ needs. Though is should be the opposite.”
The interview is published in the October issue of Floraculture International.