ADR rose trials attract international interest

Pink Paradise - Photo: Delbard

Pink Paradise (ADR Rose 2011 ) - Photo: Delbard

“The rose trials known as the Allgemeine Deutsche Rosen- neuheitenprüfung (ADR) are of a high level“, states rose expert Wilhelm Kordes of the Bund Deutscher Baumschulen (BdB) according to news portal “The ADR has become a staple event in Germany and we also notice that countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and France show increasingly more interest in these trials,” he adds. “For that reason, attempts are made to organize similar rose events in those countries. Other countries that have shown an interest are the USA, Canada and Japan.”
ADR testing was established by Wilhelm Kordes 50 years ago. More than 2000 varieties have been evaluated in ADR trials so far. About 50 varieties of different rose types are tested each year. The actual list of ADR-Roses comprises now 178 varieties. ADR activities are an essential contribution for ecologically friendly cultivation and use of roses in private and public parks and gardens, as nurseries and consumers are provided with well-founded information to evaluate the numerous varieties of roses.
At present new varieties are tested at eleven trial sites over several years by assessing characteristics such as winter hardiness, number of flowers, attractiveness and scent of the flower and growth type.