Addition of veggies makes herb concept to a winner

Herbal Concept - photo: D & V Production Plant

Herbal Concept – photo: D & V Production Plant

At the earlier this month held trade fair Florall in Ghent, Belgium a Golden Florall Award went to the Herbal Concept of D & V Production Plant, a nursery with a wide range of herbs and ‘forgotten’ vegetables. The company focuses on selling mainly to garden centers, market vendors, flower shops and in a limited degree to landscape contractors and wholesalers, especially in Belgium and France, but occasionally also in other European countries. The herbs (and some specific fruits) are provided with a photo-label showing the different usages of the plant, plant symbols, pricing, barcode and QR code. The jury was pleased by the fact that this concept also includes a range of veggies. “Adding vegetables increases the value of this concept, that also follows the trend of homegrown vegetables and herbs.” This month, Herbal Concept is launched on the Belgium market.