newPlantsandFlowers versus PlantNovelties

Often I get asked about PlantNovelties, a project I was closely involved with for several years. In fact, I developed the idea for PlantNovelties and in order to realise this project contacted Floramedia in 2008 for a collaboration.
In this partnership Floremedia would take on the technical side of the project, like building a database as well as making a format for our newsletter and I would completely devote myself to filling this database and newsletter.
Floremedia would also exploit PlantNovelties. However we never got this far, because in the more than two years of our partnership the database and newsletter have never become fully operational. Therefore in November 2011 I decided to pull out of this project. Floramedia will continue with PlantNovelties but my name will no longer be associated with this project.
In February 2012 I decided to start This site is completely different compared to the database and newsletter idea of PlantNovelties.
newPlantsandFlowers is filled with the latest information about everything that is new in the field of plants and flowers. Being up-to-date is the most important thing as oppose to making a structured and complete summary.
newPlantsandFlowers has completely been developed under my own management.