‘A trouble-free double-flowered purple tulip’

Tulipa World Bowl - photo: René Faas/Premium Varieties

Tulipa World Bowl – photo: René Faas/Premium Varieties

“World Bowl is a double-flowered purple tulip appreciated throughout the supply chain. Primarily for its appearance but also for its other characteristics. Here is a trouble-free product that sells itself”, writes Monique Ooms in Premium Varieties, the news portal of CNB. CNB is the Dutch mediator for flower bulbs and perennials.
For the origins of World Bowl she turned to Gerard Buis who grows new tulip varieties on 4 hectares in Netherlands, peonies on 12 hectares in France. He also breeds tulips himself. The parentage of World Bowl is not entirely clear, but Monte Carlo should be involved. The hybridising took place in 1994. Dutch based growers group Phoenix started with the production in 2008. For the forcing, the group contacted Dolf de Wit & Zonen (Netherlands). World Bowl also attracted the attention of other bulb growers. This variety is now being produced by nine growers (in total approximately 4 hectares).
Definitely a tulip for the high-end market
Two years ago P. Nelis & Zoon’s Bloembollenkwekerij en Handel (Netherlands) started to grow 10,000 bulbs of World Bowl. According to Paul Groot from this company every single bulb was sold, so the production doubled to 20,000 bulbs. Groot sees product presentation as the most important advantage of World Bowl. “The bud has a beautiful purple colour and is positioned perfectly among the leaves. It’s simply a fantastic tulip”, he tells to Monique Ooms. “It’s not a very early tulip. But it is a special variety: one for the specialist trade. Nelis sells these bulbs to commercial bulb forcers who market exclusive varieties for the florist sector. Groot emphasizes that World Bwol is definitely a tulip for the high-end market. The bulbs are also sold to forcers in countries like Russia, Poland, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.[read more]