‘A tillandsia hybridizing program can last a lifetime’

Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ - photo: Bird Rock Tropicals

Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ – photo: Bird Rock Tropicals

Last month, Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ won the Glazen Tulp 2013 in the category House Plants. About the winning house plant, as well as about the winning garden plant and cut flower of this yearly ‘glass tulip’ event newPlantsandFlowers reported extensively. In that report only the names were mentioned of the three Dutch growers who submitted Tillandsia ‘Samantha’. Now the origin is proudly unveiled by the company which introduced this tillandsia. ‘Samantha’ is a creation of American tillandsia breeder Pamela Koide Hyatt of Bird Rock Tropicals.
Bird Rock Tropicals has been breeding tillandsias since 1981. “Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ has taken twenty years to bring to market. Tillandsias are extremely slow growing plants, and a hybridizing program can last a lifetime. The parents were chosen for their subtle beauty and long-lasting bloom”, explains the company in a press release which is issued in occassion of what is called the Oscars of the European horticultural industry for the most successful market introductions.
Bird Rock Tropicals collaborates with Belgium-based Deroose Plants, a leader in tissue culture production and a worldwide distributor of bromeliads. Tillandsia ‘Samantha’ first earned international recognition when it made the short list of semifinalists for Plant of the Year at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show of the UK charity Royal Horticultural Society.