Gratfed veggies with ornamental potentials

'Two on One', an example of gratfed veggies by Hishtill (two varieties on one tomato bush) - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

The Israeli company Hishtil launched earlier this year the campaign ‘It’s Better Grafted’. With this campaign the company promotes the use of grafted vegetables. According to marketing manager Menni Shadmi this international market leader in vegetable propagation (over 80 million grafted plants per year) focuses on the usage of veggies as ornamentals. “Garden owners should not only harvest from their vegetables, but the plants should also be nice to look at.” On the website  the company states that grafted vegetable plants are significantly stronger than their non-grafted equivalents. They are easier and more reliable to grow and they produce a lot more fruit of a consistently better quality, right through the season. 「Whatever your level of gardening skill, grafted vegetables are your best bet by far for an impressive, abundant crop」, is Hishtil’s message to the consumer. By the way, nowhere on the website the name Hishtil is mentioned.
The Israeli company starts with the campaign in the UK. The first negotiations with growers and retailers took place. Peter Collins from Botanics International conducts the 『It’s Better Grafted’ program. Later on the campaign will be introduced in other European countries.