2018 FleuroStar Winner with the Wow-Factor

Calibrachoa PinkTastic - photo: Fleuroselect

Calibrachoa PinkTastic – photo: Fleuroselect

Fleuroselect, the international organization for the ornamental plant industry, invites professionals to join for the FleuroStar Winner announcement at a dedicated Evening Event during the FlowerTrials 2018 on Thursday 14th June at breeder & young plant producer Florensis in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (NL).
Each year FlowerTrials shows the latest new developments in pot and bedding plant breeding and the very best have been entered into the FleuroStar contest. This year 6 candidates will be on display at multiple FlowerTrials locations in Westland (NL), Aalsmeer (NL) and Rheinland Westphalia (D) and an expert jury of over 30 professionals, from breeders and producers, traders and journalists to buyers and marketing experts, will be casting their votes.
The Award Ceremony kicks off with the success story of last year’s winner Calibrachoa PinkTastic, followed by the presentation of the 2018 candidates.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Leo Hoogendoorn, CEO of Florensis, will provide an insight into the CSR strategy of the company.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) defined by Stanford University’s Graduate School of business as the following:
“CSR is an organization’s obligation to consider the interests of their customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the ecology and to consider the social and environmental consequences of their business activities. By integrating CSR into core business processes and stakeholder management, organizations can achieve the ultimate goal of creating both social value and corporate value.”